I've been part of the community for years, fighting for residents on zoning changes and Bander Park, and working to make it a better place.  We need leaderhship in city hall. Help me help you.




The power of connection is unlimited.  That's why I started the 1000+ resident group Sunset Hills Neighbors.  I am listening and I need to hear your voice. Sign up to connect with me below.




The residents of Sunset Hills have a tremendous collective wisdom and are our greatest asset.  Working together, we are stronger.  Let's build our future together.  

About John

Leading Residents

+  Leading residents to mitigate flooding, limit traffic, minimize disruption, and protect residents regarding Bander Park 

+  Leading residents to stop flawed zoning changes and protect our property values 

+ Advocating for strengthened flood control policies

+  Promoting safety at W. Watson and Gravois, successfully pressing the board for a no u-turn and further study 

Connecting Residents

Connecting residents by creating the 1000+ member Sunset Hills Neighbors Facebook Group. 

Advocating for Residents

I’ve written many letters, spoken at many board meetings, and organized townhalls to advocate for residents.


Residents First

Increase input from the residents of Sunset Hills who are the city’s greatest asset and have a tremendous collective wisdom. Increase transparency through the use of newsletters, mailings, and social media. Expand the use of surveys and issue specific polls. Consult residents up front as proposals are presented. 


Employ residential townhalls to give residents a voice. Adopt by ordinance, the option of a required townhall for difficult issues initiated by the elected representatives of the involved ward (either aldermen or Mayor) with the unanimous consent of the Aldermen of the affected ward.


Adopt an ordinance restoring the zoning code to its original intent and codify protections to permanently establish acceptable uses in each residential district so residents can safely invest in their home and live in peace.

Cluster Homes

Adopt an ordinance limiting cluster homes and multi-family homes to transitional areas as stated in the comprehensive plan.

Public Land

Adopt an ordinance prohibiting the sale or lease of public land without public input similar to Proposition 2 in St. Louis County.

Bander Park

Follow residential input on Bander Park and create a first-class experience for all residents to enjoy. 


Develop a comprehensive plan to attract businesses to Sunset Hills to promote smart, residential-friendly business development.

Fiscal Responsibility

Identify efficiencies in the budget to create a positive balance and fund capital improvements. 

Comprehensive Plan

Use the city’s comprehensive plan as a guiding and protective document with periodic review and revision driven by resident input. 

My thoughts on the Coronavirus and what we can do to help

Input, transparency, and connection

Help Me Help You

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals.  Thank you!

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